Filtration, The Float Place, and You.

Hello Float Friends!

I hope that you are enjoying your summer! After the long and brutal winter we had, we certainly deserve a nice Summer Season. This are going well here at The Float Place, and we are working on something BIG, that we are hoping to announce by the end of this month.

Many of you who, myself included, floated after hearing about it from Joe Rogan, on his podcast. Mr. Rogan has played a major role in driving this industry back into popularity, and opening peoples eyes to the life changing experience that floating can provide.

Recently, Mr. Rogan had a guest on who called the Sanitization and Cleanliness of the water, of pretty much every float center in the world, into question. Since the release of his podcast, we have received numerous calls from clients asking information about our tanks filtration system. Our water is substantially cleaner than a public pool. We have NEVER had a single client with any issues in regards to illness. Our water is clean. Very clean.

Unless someone is in the tank floating, the water is constantly being filtered. The water, is run through a cartridge filter, and is kept between 50-70 PPM with 35% Hydrogen-Peroxide. The by-product of Hydrogen Peroxide(H202) is Oxygen, not a harmful gas or anything that has negative associations. In addition to the 1000LBS. of Epsom Salt in the water, it is also equipped with a powerful UV Sterilizer Bulb, in-line with the filtration system. The subject of using Ozone as one of the agents was also brought up. Ozone gas, while very effective, is harmful to humans, especially in enclosed areas like float tanks. Just last week, the Environmental Protection Agency “advised stricter limits on lung-damaging Ozone”. The article can be found by copy and pasting the following link:

FloatOn, is the biggest, and maybe busiest, float center in the world. They were very helpful to me, as well as many other float centers across the country, in building my center, advising me on business ideas, and filtration. They have 6 tanks, and are open 24 hours a day. They could see 10,000 clients a year. Ten Thousand. If they are seeing that many people annually, and aren’t receiving complaints, at all, about the quality or cleanliness of the water, then obviously their practices are effective. Their filtration practices are what I based mine off of, I am sure I am not alone when I say that.

I don’t doubt that the guest truly believes what he says, I just don’t think it makes sense. The numbers stated above are just a small example of the ample proof that I think show his claims have no merit, and that current models are valid.

That being said. I whole heartedly agree with him that there needs to be oversight, and a standard that people need to adhere to in order to operate.

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May is Customer Appreciation Month at The Float Place!

As a way to celebrate our 6 Month Anniversary, for the entire month of May, we are offering 60 Minute Floats for $50! To take advantage, enter the code “half year” in the Notes section when booking your appointment.

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Hope to see you soon for a float!

The Float Place was shown on AMC TV’s “Game of Arms”

One of our clients, Kevin, is on the new AMC show “Game of Arms”, which is a show that revolves around professional arm wrestling. He came for a float and brought the AMC camera crew and producers with him! The Float Place will be featured on the 5th Episode, which airs on March 25th at 10PM on AMC. The first episode had a sneak preview of our friend Kevin hopping into the tank! Also had some footage of him kicking butt in the match too.

The whole first episode can be found, for free, here:

We are PROUD sponsors of The Wounded Warrior Project!

We are PROUD sponsors of The Wounded Warrior Project. A portion from every float will be sent in each month to help our soldiers returning home from combat. God Bless the U.S.A.!! for more information, or if you would like to donate yourself!

When is the best time to float?

Hello Friends!

Many times, when people call with questions regarding a float they inquire about when is the best time to float. The best answer is, it depends on the person. Personally, I am a high energy person, so a float at the end of the day to relax me can really do the trick. However, my morning floats are almost just as helpful. I find that they help me focus throughout the day and give me more patience in dealing with situations.

So, I guess the best answer is, always. Always is a good time to float!