The Float Place was shown on AMC TV’s “Game of Arms”

One of our clients, Kevin, is on the new AMC show “Game of Arms”, which is a show that revolves around professional arm wrestling. He came for a float and brought the AMC camera crew and producers with him! The Float Place will be featured on the 5th Episode, which airs on March 25th at 10PM on AMC. The first episode had a sneak preview of our friend Kevin hopping into the tank! Also had some footage of him kicking butt in the match too.

The whole first episode can be found, for free, here:

We are PROUD sponsors of The Wounded Warrior Project!

We are PROUD sponsors of The Wounded Warrior Project. A portion from every float will be sent in each month to help our soldiers returning home from combat. God Bless the U.S.A.!! for more information, or if you would like to donate yourself!

When is the best time to float?

Hello Friends!

Many times, when people call with questions regarding a float they inquire about when is the best time to float. The best answer is, it depends on the person. Personally, I am a high energy person, so a float at the end of the day to relax me can really do the trick. However, my morning floats are almost just as helpful. I find that they help me focus throughout the day and give me more patience in dealing with situations.

So, I guess the best answer is, always. Always is a good time to float!

Expanding Our Product Line

In case you didn’t know, or just needed a reminder, The Float Place is fully stocked with products from Alpha-Brain, New Mood, 180, and more are in stock ready to help you optimize your body and mind. I now ALWAYS keep a packet of Onnit 180 in my car for “Emergency use” just in case I am in need of a quick boost in energy and mental focus. Ask us for a sample when you come in for a float, we would be happy to help you get Onnit!